gas hydrate

Date: 26-28 March 2019
Application Deadline Extended: 1 March 2019
Venue: LINKEN conference center, Tromsø, Norway

Workshop Program

This workshop has the primary objective to gather PhD students at Norwegian Universities for presentations and networking within the research field of marine and onshore sedimentary gas hydrate systems.

The workshop will facilitate an opportunity for young researchers to present their own research and connect with colleagues in Norway. The focus will be on characterization of gas-hydrate-bearing sediments and their response to induced changes in physical and/or chemical conditions.

Day 1

Gas hydrate evolution in glaciated margins – Sunil Vadakkepuliaymbatta, CAGE

PhD presentation 1 – Jyoti Shanker Pandey, DTU

PhD presentation 2 – Stian Almenningen, UiB

Day 2

Gas hydrates in the Arctic: Occurrence and origin – Stefan Buenz, CAGE

Physical properties and stability of gas hydrate – Per Fotland, Equinor

How do you find gas hydrates in nature? – William Waite, U.S. Geological Survey

How do you figure out how much hydrate you found? – William Waite, U.S. Geological Survey

PhD presentation 3 – Claudio Argentino, UNIMORE

PhD presentation 4 – Mathias Sæther, UiB

PhD presentation 5 – Peter Betlem, UNIS

PhD presentation 6 – Michiel Wapperom, TU Delft

Day 3

How do you decide if that amount of hydrate represents enough methane for it to be worthwhile to set up a production well?  – William Waite, U.S. Geological Survey

How does hydrate form and break down over geologic times (since the other stories are all human-timescale issues)?  – William Waite, U.S. Geological Survey

Dynamics of gas hydrate systems through geological time  – Malin Waage, CAGE