Practical course in rhetoric

ri-croppedDo you find it challenging to give speeches and prepare presentations with a clear structure?

Businesses, organizations and research centers all operate in an increasingly tough, competitive environment. In this high-demand, fast-paced context, how do you make your message stand out?

Rhetoric is an empowering tool for everyone, and essential for leaders at every level. It has practical applications for anyone who gives presentations or needs to convince other people in a course of action. It brings great benefit to technical experts who need to improve their persuasive skills. The course will help you to be more precise and feel more confident in oral and written communication. You will build trustworthiness to you and achieve better results.

Course dates: Oct 20-21, 2016

Deadine for application: Oct 4th

Sign up for a course that combines ten concrete rhetorical tools with three training sessions which will ensure the understanding of the theory on a personal level and ensure practical implications in your future working life.


•The fundament of rhetoric

•How to formulate a precise thesis

•The refining of argument (logos, ethos, and pathos)

•Assertions and solid evidence

•The way of structuring your presentation

•Select your words, – how to engage your audience

•How to be able to give a speech at short notice

•Practical cases in groups of 2, where you will get detailed feedback on your presentations.

Siri Blindheim has been conducting rhetoric courses for 15 years. Among the clients are SINTEF, NTNU, The Research Council of Norway, NIBIO, the Ministry of Climate and Enviroment,, GDF Suez (Engie), Petoro, and Statoil.