CCUS Student Week 2018

A collaborative effort between Petroleum Research School of Norway (NFiP), NorTex Petroleum Cluster, International Energy Cluster (IEC), NorCol Research and Education Collaboration (NorCol) and Colorado School of Mines (CSM).


This five day course brought together 50 students from Norway, Brazil, India and USA; travel and accommodation paid for by NFiP. Lecturers provided by the IEC partner institutions.

Dates: Oct. 15th-19th, 2018
Venue: Golden Hotel, CO, USA
Application deadline: August 24th, 2018





The Whole Value Chain approach covers all aspects of CCUS, including capture, transport, utilization and storage of CO2. Successful global CO2 storage in the amounts needed to mitigate global warming requires industry participation. To realize industrial CO2 storage, sustainable economy, with opportunity to generate revenues, is crucial. CO2 EOR provides such an economic opportunity and will simultaneously store the huge amounts of CO2 required. This will provide synergy between the need for increased energy production and the need for reduction in emission of anthropogenic CO2, by storage in sedimentary rocks.

Final Program

Day 1: Climate Perspectives and CO2 Capture

09:30 CCUS Assessment – Arne Graue, University of Bergen

10:00 Reflections on IPCC Perspectives – Klaus Lackner, Arizona State University

11:00 Global Climate Concerns – The Air we Breathe: It is Not What it Used to Be – Russ Schnell, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

13:00 Policy, Economics and Technology Actions to Reduce CO2 in the Atmosphere – Dag Nummedal, Colorado School of Mines

13:30 The Business Case for CCUS – Matt Lucas, Carbon180

14:30 CO2 Capture Technologies  – Robert Braun, Colorado School of Mines

15:30 Reconciling Basin Scale Top-Down and Bottom-Up Methane Emission Measurements for Onshore Oil and Gas Development –Dag Nummedal, Colorado School of mines

16:00 CO2 Capture from the Air – Klaus Lackner, Arizona State University

17:00 Energy Balance of the Climate System: Contribution of Clouds and Aerosol to Uncertain Futures – James Wilson, University of Denver

Day 2: CO2 Capture and Transport

09:00 Post Combustion Capture – Christopher Romans, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

09:30 Oxyfuel Capture Technologies – Greg Jackson, Colorado School of Mines

10:30 Pre Combustion Capture – Raghubir Gupta, Susteon, Inc.

11:00 The Policy Landscape for CCUS – Christopher Romans, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

13:00 Pipelines: The Safest Way for CO2 to Travel – Ken Havens, Kinder Morgan

13:45 The Intersection of Environment and EOR: How Carbon Capture is Changing Tertiary Recovery – Bob Balch, PRRC, New Mexico Tech

14:30 The US Shale Revolution: Certainty in an Uncertain World – John Harpole, Mercator Energy

Day 3: CO2 Storage

09:00 Overview of Geologic Storage of CO2 – Manika Prasad, Colorado School of Mines

09:30 Regulatory Challenges in CO2 Storage – Michael Moore, East-West Strategic Advisors

10:30 Geomechanics in CO2 Storage – Manika Prasad, Colorado School of  Mines

11:30 Computational Geomechanics for Induced Seismicity and CO2 Leakage Modeling – Birendra Jha, University of Southern California

13:00 Integration of Geophysical and Geomechanical Modeling to Monitor Integrity of Carbon Storage – Birendra Jha, University of Southern California

13:40 Large Scale CCUS in the North Sea Can Handle All EU Coal Power CO2 Emissions – Erik Lindeberg, SINTEF

14:20 Tertiary CO2 EOR in 23 North Sea Oil Fields: Combined CO2 Storage Based in Industrial CO2 Storage – Erik Lindeberg, SINTEF

15:30 Numerical Simulation of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers – Yu-Shu Wu, Colorado School of Mines

16:15 CO2 Storage Monitoring: Upfront Documentation or Remediation – Erik Lindeberg, SINTEF

Day 4: CO2 Utilization in Hydrates and in EOR

09:00 Fundamentals of Hydrates, Climate Perspectives, and Energy Potentials – Luis Zerpa, Colorado School of Mines

09:30 CO2 Storage in Hydrates with Associated Methane Production – Arne Graue, University of Bergen

10:30 Field Experiences from CO2 Injection in Hydrates: North Slope CO2-CH4 Exchange Project – Arne Graue, University of Bergen

11:00 CO2 Storage Associated with Unconventional/Shale – Wayne Rowe, Schlumberger

16:00 CO2 EOR, CCUS, and the Horizontal Revolution in the Permian Basin – Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

16:30 Current CO2 EOR Perspectives – Hossein Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines

Day 5: CO2 EOR and Whole Value Chain CCUS Future Development

09:00 Surfactant Selection for Foam EOR – George Hirasaki, Rice University

10:00 CO2 Foam Mobility Control for EOR – Arne Graue, University of Bergen

11:00 Historical Overview of CO2 EOR Field Applications – David Schechter, Texas A&M

13:00 CO2 Foam for EOR and CO2 Storage: Field Pilots in Texas – Zachary P. Alcorn, University of Bergen

13:30 CCUS Policy – Morgan Bazilian, Colorado School of Mines