NFiP provides courses for PhD students within petroleum related disciplines. The courses aim to improve the students’ in depth knowledge and expand interdisciplinary understanding of  related fields, establish discussion groups, collaborating opportunities and cross disciplinary meeting places.

The courses are held at University campuses in Norway, in the US (in collaboration with Nortex), or at collaborative universities in Europe. NFiP offers field trips at different outcrop locations and provides online education and courses in cooperation with industry partners.

The website will be updated with information about each specific course when the registration is open.

NFiP provides a diploma indicating a recommended credit point award, but the students need to apply for approval from his/her host institution in order to formally obtain the credits.

University campus courses

Courses are provided at all the different universities in Norway and also at selected universities in Europe and in the US in collaboration with Nortex. Most courses are short and intensive and may include pre and post assignments.

Outcrop field courses

NFiP organizes multiple field trips annually with main focus of introducing the students to the stratigraphy and facies of mainly siliciclastic and carbonate sediments, and the depositional environment. Students are introduced to rock analogues to a number of important reservoir sections offshore Norway and other parts of the world. The field works often contain lectures with the aim of illustrating the concepts that are utilized to build reservoir models and provide hands-on experience building the models.

Industry courses

Several of the courses provided by NFiP are given jointly by industry partners. These courses provide an opportunity for the students to become more familiar with the tools and techniques used in the industry. Course selection reflects educational needs during their current study program and also expertise expected to be valuable for the students in their future industry career.

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