Annual One Day Seminar 2011

Seminar theme “Unconventional Resources” at the Petroleum Museum in Stavanger November 11th 2011.

A one day seminar with 30 participating PhD students with representatives from the Research Council, oil and gas industry and norwegian universites.


10:00 Welcome

Prof. Arne Graue, Petroleum Research School of Norway, Leader and Chairman of the Executive Board of NFiP

10:15 Unconventional Resources – Important to Norway?

Senior Geologist Fridtjof Riis, NPD

10:45 Unconventional Resources – Industry Perspective

Specialist in Structure Geology Helge Løseth, Statoil

Tight Gas Reservoirs:

11:15 Reservoir engineering aspects of tight gas reservoir evaluation

Prof. Ole Torsæter, Dept. of Petr. Eng & Appl. Geophys. NTNU

12:00 Lunch

Heavy Oil Reservoirs:

13:15 Heavy Oil Recovery Methods. Status and Research Activity

Prof. Ole Torsæter, NTNU

13:45 Theoretical Aspects of Thermal Recovery of Heavy Oil

PhD-candidate Yaser Souraki, Dept. of Petr. Eng&Appl. Geophys., NTNU

14:15 Coffee

14:35 Research on Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage

PhD-candidate Yaser Souraki, NTNU


15:15 Gas Hydrates as a Resource: Technology Readiness Level

Senior Engineer Reservoir Technology Jarle Husebø, Statoil

15:45 Fiery Ice – Gas for the Future

Post doc Geir Ersland, Dept. of Physics and Techn., UiB

16:15 Coffee

16:30 Guided tours of the Norwegian Petroleum Museum

18:00 Dinner at Bølgen & Moi, Norwegian Petroleum Museum