Møn – Advanced course on chalk physics

Technical University of Denmark
June 25 – 29, 2012
Ida Lykke Fabricius
Center for Energy Resources Engineering
Dept. of Civil Engineering

This course introduces chalk seen from a physical perspective. It is designed for Ph.D. students studying chalk from any perspective, for example: reservoir engineering,hydrology, petrophysics, rock physics, geotechnics, sedimentology.


Students at Stevns Klint at the field trip to Møn 2012


This course is scheduled from the 25st to 29th of June 2012, and takes place on the island of Møn. Prior to the scheduled program, each participant must complete a written report on an assigned subject to be presented orally. The written report and preparation for the course correspond to a workload of 90 hours. The scheduled course includes lectures and exercises. The active participation in the course and and the final evaluation represent a work load of 50 hours. In total 140 hours.

Course objectives

The aim is to provide to the participant skills in evaluating chalk from a physical perspective: How composition, texture, diagenesis and rock properties are interrelated. How reservoir properties are evaluated by petrophysics. Rock physical interpretation and rock mechanics of this soft-hard or hard-soft sedimentary rock; and finally how physical properties depend on scale of measurement.

Course information and a short course description by Prof. Ida Fabricius from Denmark Technical University DTU.


Students attending from universities in Norway and Denmark at the Møn field trip 2012


University of Bergen: Mohammad Taghi, Yu-Fen Chang, Maryam Ghaffar, Khuram Baig
NTNU: Luky Hendraningrat, Raheleh Farokhpor, Ishtiak Hossain, Anastasiya Tantsereva
University of Tromsø: Alexandros Tasianas
DTU: Alsu Khusainova, Amalia Yunita Halim