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Information regarding reimbursement

It is important that you save all of your receipts when you are travelling. The reimbursement form must be submitted within one month after the travel. The form will be reviewed multiple times after it has been received at the institute, before reimbursement subsequently is issued by UiB. It may therefore take approximately 6-8 weeks after the form has been received before the payment is issued to the participant. The reimbursement will be delayed if there are errors or missing information in the received form.

NFiP does not cover expenses to obtain visa, to prepare for participation or any expense besides what is explicitly listed in each activity announcement. If VISA is needed, you have to send a copy of the VISA to NFiP before you can book flight tickets. All travel expenses  are according to Statens reiseregulativ and needs to be approved by NFiP secretariat before any reimbursement will be made.

Please allow six weeks before submitting any reminder for the reimbursement.

How to submit the travel expense report for reimbursement

Please use this link to submit your documents electronically:

Upload reimbursement documents

Please note that only original receipts are approved; order confirmations or invoices are not valid as receipts.

Note: Foreign nationals or participants with no Norwegian bank account need to include:

Information regarding the forms

Employees at UiB must log in to PagaWeb and submit online.

Everyone else must use the following forms:

Reimbursement form Norwegian

Reimbursement form English

The user must fill in the white boxes, while the majority of the calculations are shown in the grey boxes as information is entered. Note that some of the purple boxes contain drop down boxes to select e.g. country.

Some important notes to assist the reimbursement procedure:

  • Excel Sheet A
    • All requested personal information is mandatory. Account details are cross checked with your personal information and reimbursements are not approved unless they match.
    • Foreign bank accounts require a separate form that must be filled in and copy of your passport must be included.
    • Specify clearly that this travel is related to an NFiP activity.
    • The start and end time of your travel must be included. For overnight stays exceeding 24 h, the next 24-hour period is given 6 hours into the next day (related to subsistence allowance). This defines the number of travel days and is calculated automatically by the excel sheet to provide the number of days with subsistence allowance (if any).
    • Remember to sign the form at the bottom of excel sheet A.
  • Excel Sheet B
    • Fill in transport details and expenses related to transport at the top of excel sheet B. Include currency, price in original currency and exchange rate the day the purchases were performed. In the electronic form the amount is automatically transferred to the front page.
    • “Expenses for accommodation, food, toll, etc” includes: Hotel expenses, conference dues etc. The amount is automatically transferred to the front page. If you have stayed at a hotel, both name and address must be included on excel sheet B. The subsistence allowances are taxable if this is not included, also if hotel receipts are not included, or if you have stayed at a private residence/airbnb.
    • The number of subsistence allowance days are automatically calculated based on the start and end time of the travel. The rate is based on the chosen country and automatically applied. NFiP may decide what daily rates should be used.
    • Remember to subtract meals provided for you. Breakfast constitutes 10 % of the subsistence allowance, lunch 40 % and dinner 50 %. Write the number of days you have received each type of meal and the allowance is automatically corrected. Note that breakfast must always be withdrawn for overnight stays at hotels in Norway (it is unfortunately irrelevant if you actually eat breakfast or not).
    • Please include a readable email-address so that we are able to contact you, if needed.