Dorset Field Trip (Petrox) 2022

The Jurassic coast provides spectacular exposures of Triassic-Cretaceous sediments, which include outcropping examples of source rocks and reservoirs of the Wych Farm oilfield, including a number of fossil oil seeps. The course will provide an introduction to the stratigraphy and facies of the siliciclastic and carbonate sediments, and instruction in field logging and sampling techniques appropriate to the various sediment types present.

The course will include lectures on the evolution and development of the Wessex Basin oilfield (Southern England), and is a collaboration with NTNU.


Application is open for both PhD and Master students.  NFiP will pay the course fee, travel and accommodation for approved applications. Additional information for booking flight tickets will be provided later.

Dates: Sept. 19th – 23rd, 2022
Location: Dorset, UK
Application deadline: The course is filled.


Monday 19th Sept.
Travel from Norway to London (Heathrow or Gatwick).
Coach to Sidmouth
Stay at Sidmouth.

Tuesday 20st Sept.
Morning: Sherwood Sandstone; Triassic fluvial sandstones,
outcrop of major reservoir.
Afternoon: Source rocks; Blue Lias Formation, Jurassic source
rock; limestones and bituminous shales
Stay at Sidmouth.

Wednesday 21st Sept.
Morning: Bridport sandstone, very fine sands containing
rhythmic concretionary levels; a reservoir rock
Afternoon: Osmington oil seepage from Jurassic fine marine
sandstone and Lulworth Cove, steeply folded Jurassic and
Cretaceous reservoir rocks.
Stay at Poole.

Thursday 22nd Sept.
Morning: Kimmeridge clay formation (source rock) Wealden
Group sandstones, meander-belt facies (reservoir rock)
Stay at Poole

Friday 23rd Sept.
Back to London and flight: Heathrow or Gatwick to Norway