PG8502 – Mechanical Real-time Models in Drilling

The student will obtain a deep understanding of problems in drilling and how models can mitigate these problems. There is a focus on understanding physical models and implementation of computational models. The course contains three workshops in Trondheim with approximately 20 hours of lectures and about 20 hours of group work. We also expect one international field trip over one week.

The course covers a range of state-of-the-art models that describes various aspects in drillstring dynamics, such as surge and swab motions, torque and drag, bit rock interactions, axial, torsional and lateral vibration states. There is a focus on models that are particularly suited for real-time implementations, even though this is not an absolute requirement. The compulsory exercises involve substantial programming in Python, Matlab or equivalent. In the final compulory exercise, we encourage the students to use the learnt material in a self chosen topic that relates to their own PhD.

The course period is from September 13th – March 20th.