PRACTICAL COURSE IN RHETORIC 2021 – extended deadline to fall 2021

Do you want to

  • Understand how best to communicate a message in an increasingly tough, competitive environment?
  • Structure your knowledge and ideas to make efficient convincing arguments?
  • Gain credibility and trust while avoiding frustration and misunderstandings and save time while preparing your presentation?

Sign up for the NFiP provided two days course in practical Rhetoric. We will use Zoom and the course will contain group work in breakout rooms, practical cases, presentations and feedback. The course will be held in either Norwegian or English, depending on the needs of the actual participants.

What is rhetoric?

The term rhetoric is defined as the art of being able to convince someone about something in order to achieve a specific outcome. The art of persuasion is more demanding than ever. The ancient art of rhetoric has a 2,500 year history that brings ancient tools to this modern problem.
Rhetoric, based on specific practical models, structures and tools, increases an individual’s powers of communication.

Practical information

The course combines concrete, practical tools with training sessions which will ensure the understanding of the theory on an individual and personal level. You will decide relevant topics of your own choice for the presentations to work with during the course.

  • The fundament of rhetoric
  • How to formulate a precise message
  • The refining of argument (logos, ethos, and pathos)
  • Assertions and solid evidence
  • The way of structuring your presentation
  • Select your words, – how to engage your audience
  • How to be able to give a speech at short notice
  • Practical cases and individual training as well as in groups

Apply for participation

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Application deadline: 26.09.2021

Questions? Please contact Else Johannesen:

Course instructor

Siri Blindheim from Mestringspilotene AS ( is an experienced Course Instructor who has been conducting rhetoric courses for 20 years, within the oil and gas sector, other industry and at different leadership trainings.